All Fish All Ways Always.

Proudly 100% Australian Fish.

Wholesale Fish Dog Treats

Buying All Fish For Dogs products will provide your business with high quality, innovative, environment friendly treats all dogs are sure to love from Australian waters, through Australian hands and on to your customers. We strive for perfect consistency in product quality so you never have to worry about poor quality products tarnishing the business reputation you work so hard to build and maintain. 

Australian Fish

100% Australian Fish Dog Treats

Wild Caught

Only Sustainably-Sourced, Wild Caught Australian Fish Used

No Additives

Completely Organic Without Preservatives, Additives or Fillers


SafeFood Queensland Accredited

Wholesale Application

We are always welcoming new stockists with excitement and enthusiasm! If you’re excited to begin selling our products or just want to learn more about our wholesale process, get started today by filling out the information requested below! 

Proud Winners

Eco & Proven Innovation Award

We are proud to have won the 2018 Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards for Eco Innovation and Proven Innovation

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